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Working Papers – President

October 1 – First Day of Office!

The NCCEAPA website. This site has a lot of information about the association and will be a valuable tool for your use!

Become VERY familiar with the NCCEAPA Handbook and deadlines.

The President will preside over all meetings; i.e., Executive Board, Board of Directors, Annual meeting, any called meetings, etc.

Work with new Treasurer if needed to contact Bank to enable new Treasurer to conduct business transactions of the association.

Fiscal year of the Association is October 1 through September 30.

Sample Template Forms for Meeting Agendas can be found on the Forms section of the website.

October – Email District Presidents for their respective district’s committee chairs. There are 6 districts, including Campus Chapter. There are 7 standing committees. State committees are comprised of district committee chairs. State committee chairs are also part of the Board of Directors, so select a chairman for each committee, keeping in mind representation from each district as much as possible. Confirm each chairman via email or phone call. Send state committee chairmen list to webmaster for publishing on website.

Also provide list of each District’s executive board to webmaster for posting on website.

Get President’s gavel engraved. Send receipt to Treasurer for reimbursement/payment.

October – November – Look for emailed information on North Carolina Joint Council of Extension Professionals (NCJCEP) forum/annual meeting. This meeting is usually around the 1st Friday of December. NCCEAPA should have 10 representatives present at this meeting to conduct business (unless otherwise designated by administration). NCCEAPA bylaws (Article IX Section 1) states who are the NCCEAPA representatives on the Board of Directors to the NCJCEP (President and 1st VP); and Section 2 states who the delegates for the forum should be.

Keep communications open with sister associations, especially those represented in TERSSA. Make any other contacts with associations as needed.

Schedule Executive Board and Board of Directors meetings for mid-year and annual meetings. This includes scheduling a hotel and venue.

Extension’s current policy for approval of Association meeting agendas and professional development opportunities is for each Association to seek the approval of their designated administration liaison. (example: 4-H would be Mike Yoder) The NCCEAPA’s designated liaison to administration happens to be Dr. Bonanno. The current NCCEAPA President should send the agenda and professional development opportunity descriptions to Dr. Bonanno 2-4 weeks in advance for official approval. Invite both Dr. Bonanno and Dr. Dale to bring administrative updates to the meeting.

Board of Directors: refer to handbook for details of who is on the Board of Directors and are therefore allowed to vote and are counted for quorum.

Executive Board meetings can be called when necessary during the year.

May 1 – Send email to district presidents requesting updates to State Officer Eligibility list. Send updates to webmaster to update web page.

Deadlines for Awards:
August 1

  • Nominations for Executive Board Award due to 1st VP
  • Nominations for State Officers due to State Nominating Committee Chair
  • Nominations for Professional Improvement Committee due to Committee Chair
  • Nominations for Sue Mills Lighthouse Award due to President (when winner is chosen, check supplies or purchase lighthouse if we are out, and purchase frame for certificate), print certificate from website, request check from Foundation representative. Send lighthouse receipt (if purchased) to Foundation representative.

September – Look for information on the Foundation meeting right around state meeting time.

Late September – STATE MEETING – President will preside over Executive Board, Board of Directors, and business meetings.

Try to be on top of when things are due and who they are due to. Of course, you will edit this list as needed. Don’t stress over not being able to be everywhere all the time! Just be professional and do your best!

Always remember, the Advisor is always there for you!!