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Working Papers – 2nd Vice President

The NCCEAPA website. This site has a lot of information about the association and will be a valuable tool for your use!

Become VERY familiar with the NCCEAPA Handbook and deadlines.

The duties of the office of 2nd Vice President of the NCCEAPA is to assist the President of the association in any way required to insure the association business is handled in a professional manner. The 2nd VP is to complete tasks as assigned by the President. In the event of a vacancy in the office of 1st VP, the 2nd VP will become 1st VP and assume the duties of that office for the unexpired term. 2nd VP oversees the NCCEAPA Herter-O’Neal Scholarship and follow established guidelines and responsibilities as noted below.

Herter-O’Neal Scholarship

  • Special care will be taken to protect the privacy of the applicants.
  • Guidelines can be found on the NCCEAPA website (
  • 2nd VP will provide updated information for the website annually in January or early February. 2nd VP will notify all District Professional Improvement Chairs of scholarship guidelines, details, and deadline to receive district nominee information by April 1. Remind the District Professional Improvement Chairs of sample news release for scholarship nominations (found on website).
  • 2nd VP will form an outside committee to judge district finalists’ applications (1 per district) and will notify the state winner of the scholarship and will also notify other district finalists not chosen by letter. Sample letters can be found on the website.
  • Funds are paid directly to the school and not to the individual.
  • Once a winner is chosen, 2nd VP will notify receiving district and will forward information to state Treasurer. Notify all District Professional Improvement Chairs of winner. Remind receiving district of sample news release for winner (found on website).
  • 2nd VP will prepare and present scholarship report at the following NCCEAPA state meeting.

NOTE: Executive Board Award – This award is coordinated by the 1st VP. If the 1st VP is nominated for the Executive Board Award, the 2nd VP will take over responsibilities assigned to the 1st VP with regard to the Executive Board Award.