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Treasurer’s Timeline

October 1                    Receive records from former treasurer (former treasurer will need to initiate addition of new president and treasurer to signature cards and removal of themselves and former president from signature cards).

October 1                    Email dues information to district treasurers requesting they forward to the counties within their district for payment processing. District treasurer will compile report and submit with dues to state treasurer.  Saved as DuesCountyForm.doc and DuesDistrictForm.doc

November                   Submit letter to Corn Growers Association for $250 support. Copy NCCEAPA President. Saved as Corn GrowersRequest.doc

December 1                 Forward spreadsheets of paid members to State Membership Committee Chair; copy NCCEAPA President. Saved as DuesMembershipyear.doc

January                        Submit letter to NCCES Foundation for $1000 support (this is additional funding earmarked for NCCEAPA). Copy NCCEAPA President. Saved as Foundation Request$1000.doc

January                        Prepare financial reports for NCCEAPA Executive & Board of Directors’ meetings (usually in February). Email copies to NCCEAPA Executive Board prior to meeting date for review. Saved as Financial Report Feb.doc

February                      Submit letter to NACAA President (Ag Agents Association) for $1000 support to fund our awards program. Copy NACAA Treasurer and NCCEAPA President. Saved as NACAARequest.doc

August                        Prepare new proposed budget and for presentation at state meeting. Note:  share with state Finance committee for suggestions/feedback.  Saved as ProposedBudgetyear.doc


September                   Prepare finance reports for NCCEAPA state meeting. Saved as FinancialReportSept.doc

September 30              Finalize disbursements/receipts; contact State Employees Credit Union to coordinate signature card updates. Have records audited by someone with accounting experience (suggest getting President’s approval of auditor).

October 1                    Backup files to flash drive and forward all records to succeeding NCCEAPA Treasurer.

Note:  Be sure to follow-up with supporting organizations if funds are not received in a timely manner. Funding may be overlooked as organizational officers change and you may have to phone to insure monies are received!


Routine Tasks

  • Prepare timely deposits/disbursements. Maintain associated spreadsheets Attach check copy to invoices; attach deposit slip copy to dues form, support letter, etc. Note:  reimbursements should have NCCEAPA President approval.
  • Balance statements using bank recon form (saved as bank rec form) and maintain current activity records for checking, shares and money market accounts. (Saved as Check Register; MoneyMkt; Savings Acct). Attach deposit documentation and check copy/information to bank statements in which activity cleared the account.)
  • Transfer funds between money market and checking as needed to maximize interest-earning opportunities for funds. Good idea to keep the President informed.
  • Maintain budget worksheets (revenue & expense) to insure association does not exceed approved budget. Saved as BudgetWorksheet)