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Executive Board Award Guidelines

The NCCEAPA Executive Board Award is presented annually by the Executive board  to an outstanding NCCEAPA member.

The Award is based on NCCEAPA:

  • Participation
  • Contributions
  • Cooperation

Any NCCEAPA member is eligible to nominate any member of the Association. It is not limited to those who have served as officers, but it should be someone who has exhibited outstanding loyalty and dedication to the Association.

The award is $200 and a plaque.

Nominations can be made by submitting a Nomination Form to the State 1st Vice-President by August 1 of each year.

The winner of the Executive Board Award is determined by the members of the Executive Board from nominations.

If an Executive Board member nominates a member for the award, he/she may not participate in the process of choosing a winner.

If an Executive Board member is nominated for the award, he/she will not be eligible to vote. In this situation, the 1st Vice-President will select an Association member to replace the nominated Board member.

If the 1st Vice-President is nominated for the Executive Board Award, then the 2nd Vice-President will take over the responsibilities assigned to the 1st Vice-President with regard to the Executive Board Award.

If situations other than those listed above occur, the Executive Board will meet to determine a plan of action for determining a winner.

Guidelines revisions approved by Executive Board (2/20/14) and Board of Directors (2/21/14).