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Distinguished Service Award Guidelines

The NCCEAPA Distinguished Service Award (DSA), which was established in 2014, is presented annually to honor and recognize members for exemplary service to Extension as well as service to the NCCEAPA.

Nominee must have at least 3 years of service with the North Carolina Cooperative Extension (NCCE) as of March 15 of the year of the award (regardless of funding source).

  • Nominee must be a current member in good standing of the state association (NCCEAPA) for at least 3 years in the year the award is presented.
  • If recipient has resigned or is terminated before the Annual Meeting of NCCEAPA in which he/she is to receive the award, he/she will not be eligible to receive the award.
  • Nominees should not be under any disciplinary action at the time of the nomination or the awarding of the DSA.
  • Award may be self-nominated or made by current NCCE employee (administrative assistants, support specialists, office assistants, support specialists, agents, county directors, program assistants/associates, specialists, technicians, or Extension administrators).
  • Nominations should be neatly prepared according to the guidelines.
  • A member cannot receive the state award more than once in a 5-year period.
  • This nomination can encompass all or part of a member’s Extension career as long as it follows the rules for the Nomination Process.
  • Six recipients will be selected (one from each district and one from the Campus Chapter). One state recipient will be selected from the six district/chapter recipients.
  • Each district recipient will receive a certificate or commemorative award and a check for $100.
  • The state recipient will receive a commemorative award and a check for $200.
  • Nominations will be submitted to the State 1st Vice-President by August 1 each year.
  • The State Professional Improvement Committee Chair and a delegation from the District Professional Improvement Committee Chairs will judge the nominations. If one of the Committee Chairs is nominated for the DSA, that nominee shall abstain from serving as a judge.
  • A member of Administration from NC State and/or NC A&T State University, if available, will present the DSA Awards; the previous year’s state recipient will also present the Award.
  • The State 1st Vice-President will arrange for the DSA presentation at the annual meeting.


Nominees should:

exemplify leadership that would distinguish an individual from others – the contribution(s) do not need to be widely renowned, but should represent important efforts and accomplishments

provide inspiration to the NCCEAPA and members of the NCCE community by virtue of their leadership, service, and high ethical standards

support and advocate for NCCE and NC State and NC A&T State Universities

Nominees should have made outstanding contributions to NCCE and NCCEAPA through:

  • active involvement in NCCEAPA at all levels (including offices held, supporter, committees chaired or served on, participation in meetings, special projects, innovative methods of increasing membership and/or participation)
  • excellent office management, including continuing enhancement of skills and knowledge, including technology skills
  • projecting a positive image of NCCE and NCCEAPA to clientele, county partners, and networking agencies
  • exhibiting a high degree of professionalism
  • demonstrating flexibility and excellent customer service skills
  • innovative ideas and use of technology in project management, webpages, and printed pieces

In narrative form (maximum of 4 pages, double-spaced), please explain the nominee’s attributes and accomplishments in the above areas. You may include up to 5 pages of supporting documentation of printed pieces, webpages, etc. You might consider including:

  • a list of training sessions (internally or outside Extension) completed
  • involvement with NCCEAPA at district and state levels; include offices held, committees served on, meeting participation, etc.
  • special projects completed (please include the results of the project and how they benefitted NCCE or NCCEAPA)
  • innovative uses of technology or project management
  • contributions to NCCE programs
  • at least 2, but no more than 3, letters of support (support letters must include a signature)
  • additional information that will support the nomination

NOTE: All documentation must be 8-1/2 X 11. Total nomination packet including required application form should not exceed 10 pages.

Complete nomination packets must be postmarked by August 1.

Late submissions will not be accepted.