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South Central District Guidelines


The Districts shall follow the same Constitution and By-laws as outlined for the State. Districts may add rules which are pertinent to local or district affairs and which are not in contradiction to the State Constitution and By-laws.

Shall be known as the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Administrative Professionals Association followed by District name (ex. NCCEAPA-South Central District or NCCEAPA-SCD) or Campus Chapter (NCCEAPA-Campus Chapter).

Meet twice a year in alphabetical order by county.

The district officers shall be the same as the state officers: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Parliamentarian. The retiring President shall serve as Advisor. The District Secretaries are responsible for sending copies of district meeting minutes to the State President.

Officers shall serve a term of one year, except the Treasurer. The Treasurer will serve a two-year term. District officer nominations and election process shall be completed each Spring with officers to take office October 1 of same year. No two officers shall be elected from the same county.

District committee assignments shall be completed and sent to State President by November 1 of each year.

The Board of Directors is composed of District Officers and District Committee Chairs and has the same function as the state level.

The Executive Board is composed of the District Officers.

The District Secretary will update the Committee Guidelines and District Guidelines on a continuous basis and will send the updates to the webmaster.

Districts will have all standing committees on the state level: Membership, Public Relations, Nominating, Rules and Bylaws, Finance, Reflections, and Professional Improvement. These committees shall have the same function as the state level, plus whatever other responsibilities the district designates. Districts may appoint special committees at their own discretion. Ours are Secretary of the Year, Scholarship, Awards and Community Service. Below are some decisions made on the district level.

Committee Notebooks — Committee chairs will maintain an informational notebook for each committee – a description and duties for each committee. This will be passed on each year to the new chair.

Professional Improvement — Prepare certificates for outgoing committee chairpersons and officers to be presented to them at the fall meeting. District Professional Improvement Committee Herter O’Neal Scholarship Responsibilities:
Working with the State 2nd Vice President, provide updated material and deadlines to each County Administrative Secretary in their district, receive all applications from their respective district and review applications and select a district finalist to send to the 2nd VP for final selection. The Professional Improvement Committee will not be responsible for awards as NCCEAPA-SCD has an Awards Committee.

Public Relations —  Newsletter/News Release — A newsletter will be posted on our web site twice a year. One person per county will be responsible for providing the information to the Public Relations Committee. The deadlines are December 1 and June 1. Also, a news release will be prepared for each county to use in local newspapers, inserting their own names for those in attendance at district meetings. The committee will take pictures for news releases.

Webmaster — Will take the lead in maintaining our web page (a revision date should be included). It is linked from the State Association web page.

Secretary of the Year — The committee will consist of three past recipients, rotating off members as new ones come on. The senior member should receive all votes and provide results to other committee members rather than each member receiving votes.

Scholarship — NCCEAPA-SCD will give a $200 scholarship. It will be rotated in the district from county to county. The scholarship recipient will be determined by the named committee. District Guidelines can be found at

Reflections — The committee will take pictures for the district scrapbooks and send copies to the State Reflections Committee Chair for the state scrapbooks.

Membership — A membership brochure was developed to help inform new secretaries about the association. A welcome letter with details about the district along with the brochure will be sent to new secretaries encouraging them to join the association. The brochure will be added to the state web page. An email should be sent to all secretaries announcing new secretaries. These guidelines should also be sent to new secretaries.

Awards — The committee will encourage (and assist if needed) members to nominate themselves or another district member for any district or state awards that are available.

Community Service — The committee will decide each year a community service project in which the district members can participate.

Dues — $30 ($20 state, $10 district) Amount of District dues shall be at the discretion of each district.
Dues for New Members — The district will pay for the first year of dues for new members and the first year following retirement for newly retired secretaries.
Officer Reimbursements — Mileage will be paid for district officers and committee chairmen to attend one Board of Directors meeting per year if their county will not reimburse them for mileage.
Host County — The county hosting the district meeting will receive a maximum of $100.
Study Manuals — We purchased study manuals for secretaries to use while preparing to take the Professional Secretaries International exam.
Transferring Monies — The treasurer was given permission to transfer monies from the money market account as needed.
Review of Funds – The accounts of the Treasure shall be reviewed at the close of the association year by a Review Committee, to be appointed by the President.

Outgoing President’s Plaque — The first vice president will be responsible for recognizing outgoing district president with a plaque or gift of choice not to exceed $30.00 to be presented at the fall meeting.
Administrative Professional of the Year Award — A plaque and $50 will be awarded annually at the fall meeting. August 1 will be the deadline. The committee, consisting of past recipients, will coordinate the nominations.
Retirement — A gift in the amount of $50.00 is to be purchased by someone in the retiree’s county and/or Executive Board and be presented to the retiree by the current District President or Executive Board member at the retirement reception or the next district meeting if no reception is given.
Certificates — The Professional Improvement Committee will prepare certificates for outgoing committee chairpersons and officers to be presented to them at the fall meeting.

Will give a $200 scholarship. It will be rotated in the district from county to county, at least until it has made one rotation. The county receiving the scholarship will secure nominees by sending applications to the various schools for anyone planning to enter a career in office technology. The scholarship selection will be made by the named committee.
District Scholarship Guidelines

Horn of Plenty — We support it.
Gnome — Dr. Zaslow presented a gnome she had received from the association to our district. It was suggested that it remain within our district association, being passed on to future presidents while serving their term in office, thus becoming a tradition within the South Central District.
Benevolence — In the event of a death in the immediate family (father, mother, child, or spouse) the secretaries in that county will be responsible for a remembrance not to exceed $30. It is the responsibility of the secretaries in that county to notify other counties and the State Treasurer regarding the death of a member(for state benevolence, a $25.00 memorial contribution will be sent to a favorite charity in honor of a deceased active member) via email. In the event of a member being hospitalized, let it be the decision of that county to send flowers or another appropriate item not to exceed $30. Let it be the responsibility of that county to notify other counties via email.
Revised 08/27/19