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NCCEAPA – West District Public Relations Benevolence Procedures

Sub – Committee (Public Relations)
Benevolence Procedures

The procedures below will be followed to assure flowers, cards or gifts are purchased and delivered:

  • The home county secretary will notify the district association president first, then the district president will contact the Benevolence Committee Chair and treasurer.
  • The Benevolence Committee Chair may opt to purchase the gift or ask the home county to purchase the gift.
  • Cards will be sent by the Benevolence Committee Chair. (The chair will be responsible for keeping all-occasion cards and stamps on hand at all times. These cards and stamps will be passed on to the next Benevolence Committee Chair year after year.)
  • In cases of death, unless the family has stated a preference, memorials will be made instead of sending flowers. The treasurer will be asked by the Benevolence Committee Chair or district president to send a memorial to the designated organization.
  • A standard gift (picture frame, gift certificate, engraved item, etc.) is recommended for retirement, weddings and births. The home secretary can help with these purchases.
  • All bills will be sent directly to the treasurer for payment.

Benevolence Guidelines 

  • Illness
    • Active Members:
      • Hospitalization or Outpatient- Flowers- $35 limit (If member is recuperating from an accident or illness for a prolonged period, in the hospital or at home, cards will be sent up to three times per year.)
      • General Illness (viruses, flu, etc)-Cards
      • Active Member’s Immediate Family (parents, spouse, children)- Cards (In serious illness, flowers will be sent. Discretion will be up to the Benevolence Committee.)
  • Death
    • Active Members- Flowers or Memorial – $35 Limit
    • Retired Members and Active Member’s Spouse or Child- Flowers or Memorial- $30 Limit
    • Active Member’s Other Family Members-Card
    • Other NCCES Secretary’s Spouse or Child- Card
  • Wedding
    • Active Members-Standard Gift or Gift Certificate- $30 Limit
  • Birth
    • Children of Active Members- Standard Gift, Gift Certificate or Flowers-$30 Limit
  • Resignation
    • Active Member-Send Card
  • Retirement (Depends on length of employment
    • Under 5 years-Card
    • 5-10 years- $10 gift or gift certificate
    • 11-15 years- $15 gift or gift certificate
    • 16-20 years- $20 gift or gift certificate
    • 21-25 years- $25 gift or gift certificate
    • 26-30 years- $30 gift or gift certificate
    • 31 + years – $35 gift or gift certificate
  • Sending of cards by everyone is encouraged in all cases.
  • Note to counties with only one secretary: Please give the name and phone number of the Benevolence Committee Chair to someone in your office, and ask them to be responsible for making this contact should something happen to you.